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What is print on demand or merch on demand?

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By now you have probably read about the brick and mortar avalanche of retail stores that are shuttering up.  Seems like gone are the days of window shopping, laps around the maze of what malls used to be and circling parking lots for parking spaces.  Malls seem more like ghost towns than shopping centers.  One of the forces obviously driving this massive shift in consumer habits is online retail.  Its just easier, faster, cheaper.  People have flocked to this option in masses leaving the traditional shopping option in a shambles.

Out of this new consumer trend was born the print on demand model.  Digital printing technology has made printing up a graphic tee as easy as sending a document to a desk top printer and printing one copy.  Its really that simple.  Instead of printing the digital image on paper, its printed on a cotton tee.  Now, online shop owners display images on a website and when a customer clicks and pays for the garment, the manufacturer receives the order and then proceeds to print and ship the item.  This is referred to as drop shipping.  For both the online shop owner and the print on demand manufacturer, it’s a win win.  No one is pre manufacturing clothing or holding any inventory.  An item is manufactured only after it has been purchased by a consumer.  Miami Tees will be rolling out an app that will work with shopify to fulfill print on demand orders.

This app will be free to install for the first 100 customers.  Our digital printing, or DTG printing machines are state of the art and produce top quality prints.  Please be on the look out for Miss Print Tastic app in the shopify app store.  We take all the headache out of manufacturing so that you can focus on creativity and marketing.

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