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Picking the perfect blank

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I talk to many people weekly wanting to start their own line of apparel.  Starting with graphic tees is a relatively affordable and easy way to dip your toe in the water when wanting to get into designing for the fashion world.  Most people are expressing their preference to manufacture their prints using top quality apparel. Obviously, everyone wants printed t shirts their customer will love and hopefully reorder.  When considering options, it is important to think about a few factors. Availability of inventory, shipping charges from the vendor to you, material compositions of the shirts themselves.

Ask your manufacturer or t shirt blanks vendor, what the inventory levels are and how often they replenish stock in the sizes and colors they offer.  Sometimes, vendors have limited supplies on hand, and this could affect your ability to fulfil your own orders. Sticking to basic colors like black, white, ash grey, red, navy helps mitigate inventory shortages since these basic retail colors are the options with healthy inventory levels by way of the third-party suppliers.

Shipping and delivery charges could eat away at your margins if you don’t consider this when pricing out your online retail price to your end users.  Suppliers offer free shipping after a certain dollar amount. Normally around $250 – $300. An option to avoiding shipping charges is ordering blanks from a company like .  Due to the large volume of blank t-shirts we order daily, we receive incentives, deep discounts and free shipping from the mills to our printing facility.  We pass these savings on to our customers. Another advantage of ordering your merchandise like this is that the blanks are drop shipped directly to us, saving you money and time.

Ordering blanks directly from us ensures your ordering the correct material according to the print method you are going to be using.  Not many people realize, certain material types cannot be processed for certain print methods. For example, if you are creating a line of sport related product designs and choose a poly, dri -fit material, screen printing will be the only option for decoration.  Or if you want water based DTG printing, 100% cotton blanks are what is recommended. These specifications are really important to consider, and a professional printer like  will help guide you in finding the perfect option within our industry that are made specifically for printing.  If you go outside of the industry options, you may find that printers cannot use them due to the risk of damages.

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