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Four Color Process Screen Printing

Photo Realistic Screen Printing

Four Color Process Screen Printing

Four Color Process Screen Printing

If you’re researching screen printing options for your next big event you’ve probably come across 4 Color Process Printing. This technique is sometimes called Photo Realistic Screen Printing because of the vivid designs, colors, and hues that can be transferred in this way. Miami Tees, a company that has nearly 26 years of experience printing with this method, has mastered the art of 4 Color Process Printing.

The four colors are layered on the material throughout the process. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are the only colors used but their combinations and layering create all of the colors necessary to complete a full picture. Printing companies use software to digitally pull the elements of the design into the four different color values. For example, if you printed the image with the yellow filter alone you might be surprised by what you see. So much of a design is built within the combination of colors and overlay but the printers are able to pull these color concepts apart and layer them back together in the printing process.

The 4 Color Process Printing method is one of the most cost-effective methods for printing companies to use while delivering a clear, consistent product. However, the cost of the operation can only be equalized in large quantities, making it a popular option for nationwide clothing companies, large promotional campaigns, or big brand name manufacturing. At Miami Tees, and most other printing companies, the minimum quantity for this method is 250 pieces.

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